The Legend of Finn McCool

The Legend of Finn McCool
Aris Theatre
through June 25, 2023

This production of the new telling of the old legend by Rob Shaw-Smith, is a hoot. It is playing at the Academy Theatre just south of the airport in Hapeville. It takes us back to the olden days when the Irish and the Scots were generally not fans of each other.

Finn McCool wants to get it on with that giant from Scotland, Benandonner but he has some problems, mainly the Irish Sea running between the two area. You have to watch the show to see how Finn figures to reach the Scottish Giant, and what distrust and dislike brings about in the areas of romance, and gastronomy.

With the live band on stage, the players work the house as if you were your Local having another pint. So know you can bring beverages and snacks with you, sit back and laugh and clap your way through a couple of hours. Get info and tickets at