West Side Story

West Side Story
City Springs Theatre
through July 24, 2022

City Springs delights in bringing Broadway standards to town and with real NYC kind of companies. For instance, this production which features a cast of more than 30 players is brought to the stage with a production company of about 50 hard working professionals, all under the direction of Daniel Kutner.

With a live orchestra of 16 players under the baton of Miles Plant the cast runs through all 17 numbers; many of which you will recall. You know the story is about the Jets vs. the Sharks. Originally planned to be more like a Harlem blacks vs. whites it was changed to Spanish Harlem so it is Latinos vs. gringos. Each gang has claims to it’s own turf, and there are times when they get into a rumble, which can wind up with pretty bad outcomes.

You get deep into the likeness of the plot to that of Romeo and Juliet when Tony (Ben Jacoby) and Maria (Emma Heistand) hit it off and are seen as a bit loony by their colleagues. And Officer Krupke (Bart Hansard) is still trying to keep the peace with those kids who have a social disease.

So hit the road and grab onto an evening of pure entertainment at the Byers Theatre. More info and tickets at CitySpringsTheatre.com