A Few Good Men

few good men

A Few Good Men

Center Stage North

through October 24, 2015

Playwright Aaron Sorkin’s sister was graduated from Boston University Law School in the 1990’s and enlisted in the Navy’s Judge Advocate’s service. She was going to Gitmo to defend some marines accused of unlawful practices relating to a fellow marine. And Aaron started taking notes; and not long after that he penned A Few Good Men.

The film was released in 1992 and starred Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise and Demi Moore. It grossed more than $200 million. So, if you saw the film you may think it is not possible to replicate the work of these mega-stars. But this little local theatre does it VERY well. Kendall Lane is the feisty lady-lawyer. Robert Hendren plays the tough Lt. Colonel Jessup and John Coombs plays the young defense lawyer. The casting is really very good, bringing together a company of 16 players who do a fine high-energy job.

Directed by Kylene Compaan and Kevin Renshaw, the action takes place in dozens of scenes which move fluidly from center stage to two side stages. Not an easy feat when you consider that this is a small black box theatre, with a open stage and little room. We know that the military runs on strict codes, and that superiors are often of the mind that underlings are like children. If they misbehave they must be punished or they will not learn. But, we also know from real life that this isn’t always the case. Officials in all branches of the government have been known to step over the lines and break the rules, believing that the rules were made for others to obey.

The two marines charged with murder are stand-up guys. But who issued a “Code Red” relating to Santiago? And, what validates such an action? And how does it get managed and recorded? Somebody isn’t coming clean. Is it the doctor, the prosecutor, the base commander or somebody else? Ah, . . that is what the case and the play is all about and it is a very good job done with great gusto.

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