Atlanta Symphony Orchestra





Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
with Tengku Irfan

The ASO brought a young piano genius to Symphony Hall for the concerts on October 3 and 5. Tengku Irfan is but 20 years of age and has already played around the world. He is from Malaysia, currently living here and involved as a composer, conductor, performer and involved with the Juilliard School as both a student and intern.

Under the baton of Robert Spano the concert opened with Wagner’s preludes to Acts I and III of Lohengrin. Then Tengku Irfan took stage center as they brilliantly worked through Béla Bartók’s Concerto #2 for Piano and Orchestra. It was truly impressive to listen and observe Irfan at the keys sans the sheet music.

After intermission the ASO brought a ton of excitement to the house with Brahms’ Symphony No.1.  This is one with plenty of highly energized passages and some themes we all recall from olden days; even if we weren’t around when he composed it about 140 years ago.

Next concert performance will be October 17 and 19 when Edo de Waart takes the stand with the ASO.   de Waart is a Nederlander, with a world of experience and currently serving as Music Director of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

The concert will feature another Nederlander, Ronald Brautigam, on piano. He is currently a professor at the Music High School in Basel, Switzerland. They will bring Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 22 to the house, followed by Richard Strauss’ Ein Heldenleben featuring concertmaster David Coucheron on the violin.

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