Circle Mirror Transformation


Circle Mirror Transformation
Onstage Atlanta
through August 22, 2021

This is a very odd theme work that may not be best choice for kids or some folks who are real theatre buffs. When this play by award winning Annie Baker hit the boards in 2010 it won an Obie for Best New American Play. Since then it has garnered varying reviews.

The cast of five players are set in the small Vermont Town, Shirley’s Community Center where they are going through some six week course to learn acting skills. As the show opens you aren’t clued in to the premise; and all seems to be a metaphor for life in general by some disturbed locals. They meet together doing things like acting as props, acting as the see each other, projecting to times to come and memorizing small parts of each other’s comments.

Danon Dastague is Marty, the course lader and, Michael Donelan, Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber, Cady Walls, and Joshua Williams play the roles of the four students in this work directed by Charlie Miller. The object of the show is to dive into the persona of these actors as they go through some slow moving segments interwoven with plenty of silence. The performance running time is about 2¼ hours with one intermission.

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