Director’s Choice

Director’s Choice
Atlanta Ballet
through May 12, 2019

This production is the finale for the Ballet’s current season. It will be at Cobb Energy Center today and tomorrow only.

Gennadi Nedvigin has brought Director’s Choice to the stage with a cast of more than 30 dancers, who work through 3 separate routines. An orchestra of more than 40 players is in the pit under the baton of Tara Simoncic.

The first of the three offerings is entitled Sum Stravinsky and is choreographed by Kiyon Ross with more than a dozen dancers to a fairly obscure Stravinsky score. The production is danced with a blank colored screen backdrop. Although before each of the three productions there is a filmed interview projected to explain to the audience what they are about to enjoy.

The second one is named Denouement and is danced to the music by Benjamin Britten by three ballerinas and three danseurs. The music isn’t your typical Britten score and the work is choreographed by Gemma Bond. Regardless of the name, it is not the final wrap up of the evening.

For after a second intermission the full cast of dancers comes together to render a premier performance of Catch, which is choreographed by Liam Scarlett and done to the music of Philip Glass. It is very energetic both in the score and the choreography and the audience went wild for it.

They will perform at Cobb Energy Center near 285 and 75, and there is plenty of garage parking should the weather be inclement. More info at