Georgia Symphony Orchestra





Georgia Symphony Orchestra

Recently the GSO Jazz Orchestra and the GSO chorus came to the Strand Theatre on Marietta Square for an exciting evening of music and song. The jazz combo headed up by Sam Skelton on the sax, included Randy Hoexter on the keys, and Wes Funderburk on his trombone. Some of the crew take turns in doing their riffs, and the chorus under direction of Bryan Black took to the stage in both sets and did such a fine job.

They played to a full house, even though the weather was miserable, and everybody enjoyed it.

The GSO’s next concert will be Heartstrings on February 10, in time for Valentine’s Day. It will be held at Bailey Performance Center at KSU, just north of Chastain Rd.
And as you may suspect this is all strings, featuring Mahler, Debussy, and others appropriate for the days and attendees.

GSO Principal Harpist Julie Koenig will be featured performing Debussy’s Danse Sacrée et Danse Profane, and tickets run from $10 to $30, with free parking and good views from all seats.

Check them out at and enjoy a sweet evening with no hassles.