I Love to Eat







I Love to Eat
Theatrical Outfit
through May 5, 2019

This is one man, one act, one delightful evening. William Murphey takes the stage as the first TV food junkie, in the days of old small black and white screen TVs. That was even before Julia Child came on the scene.

Chef James Beard loved his idea of basic American Cuisine. Directed by Clifton Guterman, the show is on a spectacular set by Isabel and Moriah Curley-Clay, and make sure you get seated well before the show starts, because you are going to fall off your seat laughing when Beard makes his first entrance.

We meet up with Beard in his Greenwich Village flat. He recalls for us so much of his days on the show, the problems, the successes and all in betweens. He really used to keep live telephones with him when he was before the camera, and he loved to make jokes as he worked through his menu for a show. You’ll love when he starts to get Western Union wires delivered, and when he really does invite some audience members to join him on stage for a tasting.

Beard was a chubby gay gent and wasn’t one bit shy about who and what he was. One of his sponsors must have been Borden’s as he does get involved with an uninvited bovine during the show.

Very well staged and acted, and easy to enjoy. More info at TheatricalOutfit.org