Maybe Happy Ending

Maybe Happy Ending
Alliance Theatre
through February 16, 2020

Let’s skip to the bottom line. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!!! It is one of the most spectacular productions, totally unlike anything you’ve see before; and you will LOVE it.

You’ve not thought about a musical coming to Atlanta from Seoul, Korea. And, probably have not thought about robots evolving as almost humans; albeit they would continue to get outdated and disposed of, just as cell phones get tossed and employees have become basic tools of enterprise. You need one, you hire. No longer need one, you fire.

Michael Arden directs this incredible work which has fantastic sets by Dane Laffrey and the best lighting and projections EVER by Sven Ortel and Travis Havenbuch. When the show opens you meet Claire (Cathy Ang) who is a helperbot. She lives in a room across the hall from Oliver (Kenny Tran) who also is a helperbot; although they are not of the same age. One is a model 3 and the other a 5; ergo their batteries and chargers may not always work identically. Each has been let go by their owners, who have moved on up to helperbot 7’s.

There is a full band under the baton of Deborah Abramson, who is on the keyboards. And, Dez Duron is onstage as Gil Brentley, a bandleader and vocalist who is an object of Oliver’s attention, along with loads of other jazz bands. What kind of helperbot would not want a collection of hundreds of old 33’s ?

As the story evolves we find that robots may acquire more than just data from association with humans. And the issue is that while not every relationship has a happy ending; it is important to be aware that life itself may be good and that death can also be a happy ending. What is now may be passe in 2100 A.D., but some things of today shall endure as life goes on.

This is a pure delight and the seating is such that there are good views from each of them, so go online today for more info and tickets. ENJOY!