Ordinary Days

Ordinary Days
Stage Door Theatre
through October 16, 2022

If you ever went to a bistro where the food was many times better that you could have hoped for it to be; then go see this show at Stage Door Theatre and you will be over the moon. Adam Gwon did both the music and the lyrics and he is an acclaimed composer whose works have been staged on every continent and in many languages.

This one is about some young folks who left their home town to move to New York. And if you know NYC then you’ll know that the people they run into are examples of the local folks. You know when you ask that New Yorker what time it is, he usually asks why you need to know.,

Keena Reddiing directs the four leads who are Anna Holland, Suzanne Stroup, Jared Brodie and Shane Murphy. And it is amazing how Gamble, the music director, can be at the keyboard for the full 90+ minutes, as they work through more than 20 numbers.

For this show is basically an Opera Comique in one act that draws you in from the first number. It is a real treat when you visit a local theatre company only to find that the quality of the show is so wonderful. You’ll feel like you are down in The Village.

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