Peter Pan





Peter Pan
Serenbe Playhouse
through August 26, 2018

The Serenbe Playhouse is the most unique venue in our area. Located in a village that’s part of Palmetto, it is easy to reach off I-85 south. Since they started just a few years ago, they have produced many really fine shows in open air settings. There are seven such settings in their development.

In Peter Pan, you need first to find your way to Neverland. That’s why when they confirm your tickets they will also send you information to know and to plan your visit. Print it out and take it with you. This setting is in a woods where they have built a ship for Captain Hook and his crew. The seating for adults is along benches, while there are blue blankets spread out up near the stage so the youngsters can sit in an ocean to watch the action.

The original Peter Pan was the classic work of James Barrie, and to this very day every license fee for the story goes to the London orphanage which he endowed with the tale. This is not entirely the Peter Pan you read to your kids or grand-kids. It has been camped up a bit to give more entertainment to those older folks over 12, and bring it to present day. Case in point is when Hook (Jeremy Gee) does his dance numbers, and wishes he could meet Bob Fosse, as he would prefer to go to Broadway. Not exactly what his mother had in mind for him. When the show opens you’ll be amazed to see Tinker Bell (Alexandria Joy) fly into the set while sprinkling her pixie dust over the audience. And you will enjoy meeting Peter Pan (Aaron Schilling), who didn’t aspire to grow up.

Michael Alvarez directs this highly energetic play, adapted from Barrie’s story by Roger Q. Mason, with music and lyrics by Ella Grace. It is performed in daylight hours, so that the youngsters have no problem, and since there is a forest trail to your seats it helps us oldsters make sure we don’t trip. I do suggest you plan to arrive early, as the only parking is on one side of a gravel road, and then a couple of minutes stroll down to Neverland. If you have a fan take it with you if it’s a steaming hot day.

They do have mobility assistance if required, and they also have good concessions available. It is an unique experience. Get more info at