The Bonaventure Quartet

The Bonaventure Quartet
Sundays on the River Concerts
at Chattahoochee Nature Center

Local folks looking for a really pleasant Sunday evening in the Roswell area, just mosey on over to the Chattahoochee Nature Center on Willeo Rd, where they can bring their picnic, relax and enjoy a concert on the open air. There are reserved seats under cover, and each is close to the stage; and there is also lawn seating available so you can just bring a comfy chair.

In the summer months they present a concert each month, and this week they welcomed the Bonaventure Quartet. The “quartet” of 6 or more players was created by Charles Williams who is on guitar and has also composed some of the numbers they run through.

Much of their work comes off as a paean to the works of Django Reinhardt, and you will be keeping time with the score and quietly singing along to the numbers by Cole Porter and some other oldies.

They were joined by Amy Pike, who has great pipes and you could feel her affection for each one of the numbers that she sang.

The concerts run from 7 to about 9, so you can watch the sun go down as well as the temperature.

They also had an opening act, which was Dusty’s Ragtime. Dustin Cottrell on the keys and singing, took the audience back to the days of some great ragtime numbers and got the blood flowing for the main event.

These are one-nighters, so you may want to mark your calendar for September 11th, when the Montana Skies will be in concert at the Nature Center. For more info and tickets visit them at