The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music
City Springs Theatre
through September 19, 2021

The story of the von Trapp family has been written, staged and filmed since the 1950’s and is always an audience builder. Just watching the children on stage certainly reminds one why many actors hate to share the stage with animals or children. They capture your very soul.

Shuler Hensley has once again brought a fully Broadway style production to this lovely local stage in Sandy Springs. And it was wonderful to see that the house was almost sold out. That’s not what we’ve seen these past couple of years. Yes, you must wear a mask, and show proof of vaccinations as well as pass security. But, it is certainly worth doing so.

The story line is loosely based on the story of the von Trapps and how and why they got out of Austria as the Nazi anschluss brought down the government during WWII. Most of us can’t recall every note of every number; but we can never erase numbers like Do-Re-Mi, Edelweiss and Sixteen Going on Seventeen. Ellie Fishman plays Maria, who gets hired by Captain von Trapp (Mike McGowan) and the cast of more than 20 players includes the seven von Trapp children that you just want to run up to the stage and hug. While the story is set in terrible times, there is comic relief provided by Max (John Scherer) who wants to promote the family singers into a local concert.

In fact the Trapp Family Singers were a reality and actually toured the United States in the 1940’s. And the remaining von Trapp singers were onstage here a few years ago. It is a show which really resonates more with adults than kids; especially when the final scenes have the swastika flag flying as they escape from the production. Like other productions at City Springs, this one has a full orchestra under the baton of Miles Plant.

Every element of the show is totally professional and this is one you will fully enjoy. It plays only for another week, so get more info and tickets at