The Wickhams Christmas at Pemberley







The Wickhams
Christmas at Pemberley
Theatrical Outfit
through December 29, 2019

If you saw last year’s production of Miss Bennet and her dysfunctional Christmas; then you’ll instantly relate to this sequel by the playwrights Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon. This year we don’t go upstairs to the main sitting room area; but are hanging out downstairs in the servants’ quarters; pretty much managed by Mrs. Reynolds (Deadra Moore). Jasmine Thomas and Justin Walker return onstage as Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, but dealing with a whole new range of problems.

Carolyn Cook has directed this sequel which plays off so well. Lauren Boyd Lane and Shaun MacLean are the servants trying to get things done, without ticking off anybody. But that isn’t easy when an unwelcome visitor, George Wickham (Daniel Parvis) shows up late on Christmas eve. He’s a bit of a rogue and has been wed to Lydia (Erika Miranda) who may be part of the Darcy clan, but living apart from George.

George is a user and a loser, and as the Brits would say, he is NQOT (not quite our type) and is a poster boy for being a pariah. The party is going on upstairs, but we stay downstairs where the real action is boiling up. You might make a guess as to how things will turn out; but then you may also want to guess who gets elected in 2024. Derived from Pride and Prejudice the story isn’t one for the kiddies, but we kids up to age 90 enjoyed it; and if you have read Jane Austen you will really dig it.

Plan your drive with extra time if anything is going on down near Centennial Park, and just park in the garage next door to the theatre, since you can get a $6 parking voucher at the concession stand. The theatre is downtown on Luckie Street, has good views from all seats, and they always stage excellent productions. More info at