tick, tick, BOOM!

tick, tick, BOOM!
Act3 Productions
through November 21, 2021

This one is almost an autobiography, with book, music and lyrics all by Jonathan Larson. It opened in New York about 20 years ago and has been staged many times to audiences who can really understand how somebody searching for success in any of the arts fields seems to be climbing a mountain with no map.

A cast of 3 players take the stage and play quite few stand ins. Jon (Eddie Estrada) has been working on a script for a play he hopes may find acceptance. But that’s never a guarantee. His friend Michael (P J Mitchell) would like to get him hired into a day job with the firm he works for, but Jon is pulled apart as he feels he is aging quickly as his 30th birthday is on the horizon in 1990. Even his girl friend Susan (Izzi Robles) has problems with his lack of a game plan for life. So nothing seems too easy.

Michelle Davis directed the show which is staged on a static set, with few costume changes and you just have to imagine some of the props such as telephones when the actors come on in various roles. But, all is easy to deal with. They vigorously work through a dozen songs which lay out the story line quite clearly. It is a one act play about 100 minutes and really draws you in, as you reflect on your own career building attempts and your hits as well and misses.

Act3 is staged in Sandy Springs, right behind Trader Joe’s. Easy to get to, plenty of parking and all seats with good views. More info and tickets at Act3Productions.org