OnStage Atlanta
through November 5, 2017

With All Hallowed’s Eve soon upon us, it’s no surprise that so many theatres are putting on ghastly shows. And, who ever did a better job of weaving webs of deceit and mystery than Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, who we know as Agatha Christie?

In Verdict, we meet a professor Hendryk (Rick Perera) who is teaching at a university in England, having moved there from the Continent for safety reasons. His wife, Anya (Courtney Loner) is confined to a wheelchair, with little hope of recovery; and she’s not a happy camper living among new folks rather than the people she knew back home.

A student from a wealthy family is Helen Rollander (Hannah Morris) and she has eyes for the professor. An attraction that is not mutual by any means. As the story progresses, Helen feels that everyone’s life might be better were Anya to leave the mortal coil. She is taking some medication, possibly laudanum, as needed and her care givers have to be careful not to exceed a minimal dosage.

As the story progresses, Anya does die. After all, this is an Agatha opus. But, although you get to see who did her in, and how the dirty deed was done; it is not that obvious to the police or even her doctor. It may be that a maid or housekeeper may know a bit more than she lets on to, but this is a mystery.

The verdict comes into focus when one character is arrested and charged with murder. Did the party do the deed, or was it somebody else. You will find out as you take in the second act. It seems that everybody is trying to cover up for others and everyone is putting on a facade. C’est la vie.

Elisabeth Cooper directed this with a cast of ten, and it is really appropriate for this time of year, and very well presented. They play only Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees. More info and tickets at